Maimonides School

ECC 4 Year Old Gallery 10.10.18

Last Wednesday, the children had their first Drama Class with Morah Marion. They had so much fun acting out the parsha!

We worked on self-portraits by making faces using beads and playdough.

Using the natural materials we collected, we made leaf creations and/or creatures that we could tell stories about, just like the author of Leaf Man, Lois Ehlert.

We made tracks in different ways. First, we made tracks using cars and trucks with ink pads...

...and in the sand.

Then we tried seeing how the tracks would look in shaving cream!

Speaking of making tracks, we traced our own feet…

...and then cut them out to use for a measuring project!

Thank you to everyone who brought in recyclable materials.  The children sorted them on Tuesday into bins so that we can use them in our projects and play.

ECC 4 Year Old Gallery 10.4.18

Pictures of Sukkot Preparation






Having fun on Sukkot


Learning about the Torah scroll


Then we unrolled the Torah scroll to see how long it was only to find that it was longer than our room.

Making flags for Simchat Torah


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