Maimonides School
The Maimo Experience

Middle School Program Highlights


Maimonides Middle School students have many opportunities to participate in a wide range of fun and engaging activities.


Monday through Thursday, the period after lunch is reserved for X-Block. Students enjoy chugim (activities) and have time to relax, study, or meet with a teacher.


Some X-Block periods are also allocated to Tzelem, a health and wellness program geared towards growing up.



X-ercise and fun

Middle Schoolers  participate in intramural sports, have some opportunities to join the M-Cat sports teams, and enjoy the annual Maccabia (Color War).
Informal play takes place on our courtyard at every opportunity! 

X-posure to the arts

Each year the Middle School puts on at least one full length play. Students and faculty share favorite poems or ones they have written themselves in our lively Poetry Slam. The Middle School Literacy Magazine publishes students' writing and art. 6th Graders have an art class every week and 7th and 8th Graders have the opportunity to enjoy art as an extra activity.

X-tra special 8th Grade

The 8th grade Shabbaton, trip to Washington, DC, and attendance at a Celtics Game are hands-down favorites! All 8th graders participate in a Step Up to Upper School program to ensure a smooth transition to our Upper School. Graduation from Middle School is celebrated in the form of a unique Aliyah (moving up) ceremony.
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