Gift of Life Program מתנת החיים

Maimonides School/Dr. Michael E. Osband Gift of Life Program

A Gift of Life bone marrow/stem cell registry drive is our parting gift to our senior class. This important event brings together many of the values we teach our students – chesed, social responsibility, community engagement, pikuah nefesh. We are giving our graduating class an opportunity to do real mitzvot for the real world.

Thanks to the generosity of the Osband Family, Maimonides School has been able to conduct bone marrow registry drives for the past eight years.  During the second half of their senior year, our students learn about the importance of becoming part of a bone marrow/stem cell registry from both Halachic and medical perspectives. During our Senior Night program following graduation rehearsal, Gift of Life, one of the leading bone marrow/stem cell registries, conducts a drive so that our seniors, parents and community members can become potential donors. In 2013, close to 30 new names were added to the Gift of Life registry as a result of the Maimonides Senior Night drive.

Maimonides School first connected with Gift of Life in the summer of 2003, when 613 potential donors were screened in response to the need of Miss Sharon Steiff, a beloved and respected English teacher who was suffering from leukemia. Although Miss Steiff tragically passed away a few months later, more than one life was saved as a result of the event. Starting in 2006, Gift of Life screenings were added to  Senior Week at Maimonides. To date, at least three Maimonides School graduates have served as donors, and many others have been identified as prospective matches.