School Song

The Maimonides alma mater, or school song, is sung to the melody (click to hear) of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" from the Ninth Symphony. The lyrics below—first published in the 1956 yearbook, HaLapid—were written by Ralph Tucker, an English teacher in the early years of the school.

Praise to thee, our alma mater,
Hail to thee, Maimonides;
Homage at this time we pay thee
Whom we laud for all of these:

For the wisdom of the Torah,
For our training secular,
For the light of learning shining
Bright before us like a star.

Guide us in our way of living;
Teach us as the torch we seize
Values true and everlasting,
Hail to thee, Maimonides.

There is also a Hebrew rendition.