Staff Directory

The full Staff Directory lists all current administration and faculty members in Maimonides School. This information can be filtered alphabetically by last name. The Staff Directory can also be viewed by school division and department.

The main number for the school is (617) 232-4452. The division office extensions are: Elementary School, x300; Middle School, x200 and Upper School, x100.

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Staff members who prefer to be contacted by email, do not have telephone extensions listed below.

Namesort ascending Email Ext. Position
Zygadlo, Elizabeth ezygadlo 103
  • MS/US Library Media Specialist
Zizmor, Maxine mzizmor 302
  • ES Special Needs Case Manager
Zazula, Shoshana szazula 306
  • ES English and Hebrew Language Arts Support Specialist (K-3)
Zarge, Faun fzarge 416
  • Director of Strategic Engagement
Yunis, Christian cyunis
  • MS/US Mathematics Teacher
Yarmush, Shayna syarmush
  • ECC 3-year-old teacher
Wright, Roberta rwright
  • MS/US Social Studies Teacher
Williams, Chris cwilliams
  • Science Department Chair
  • US Science Teacher
Wilensky, Barry bwilensky
  • ES General Studies Teacher (K)
Werber, Renee rwerber
  • ES English and Hebrew Language Arts Support Specialist (Gr. 3-5)
Werber, Max mwerber
  • MS Substitute Teacher
Weiss, Mia miaweiss
  • ES Instructional Assistant (Gr. 1)
Weiss, Marilyn mweiss
  • MS/US Science Teacher
Weathers, Rene rweathers 418
  • Senior Accountant
Wachs Cashman, Avraham awachscashman
  • Instructional Aide
Verdun, Donna dverdun
  • ES Student Support, Mathematics
Vedol, Sharona svedol 200
  • MS Administrative Assistant
Torres, Estefania etorres
  • MS/US Spanish Teacher
Taylor, Rabbi Simon staylor
  • MS/US Chumash
Taylor, Leanne ltaylor
  • Student Life Team
Tarlin, Samuel starlin
  • ES General Studies Teacher (Gr. 4)
Tannenbaum, Arline atannenbaum 425
  • Operations Administrator
  • Tuition and Financial Aid Administrator
Sulman, Rose-Jane rjsulman
  • ES Instructional Assistant (Gr. 4)
Strauss, Rabbi Jason jstrauss
  • MS Navi
Steinsaltz, Dr. Steven ssteinsaltz 139
  • US Mathematics Teacher
Steinberg, Orit osteinberg
  • ES Ivrit (Hebrew) Teacher
Spero, Karyn kspero
  • US Limudei Kodesh Teacher
Solooki, Tzipi tsolooki
  • ECC Assistant Teacher
Smits, Frederique fsmits 403
  • Director of Institutional Advancement
Smith, Dr. Shawn ssmith
  • Learning Center Specialist
Smith, Carol csmith 435
  • Director of Finance and Accounting
Smith, Katie ksmith
  • ES/MS Mathematics Teacher
  • ES/MS Science Teacher
Slovin, Reena rslovin 313
  • ES Associate Principal
Silberman, Shmuel ssilberman
  • Learning Center Specialist
Silberman, Sara sarasilberman
  • ECC 4-year-old assistant
Shuman, Robin rshuman 406
  • Nurse, Brener Building
Shein-Gerson, Debbie dgerson 317
  • ES Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator
Schockett, Michael mschockett 129
  • MS/US Mathematics Teacher
Sauceda, Gina gsauceda 115
  • US History/Social Studies Teacher
Samuels, Stephanie ssamuels
  • Grade 6 Dean
  • MS English Teacher
  • MS Limudei Kodesh Teacher
Saltzman, Rabbi David dsaltzman 311
  • ES Principal
Saadia, Rabbi Dror dsaadia
  • MS/US Limudei Kodesh Teacher
Saadia, Oranit osaadia
  • ES Limudei Kodesh Teacher (Gr. 1)
Ryan, Derrick dryan 167
  • Grade 9 Dean
  • MS/US Spanish Teacher
  • World Language Department Chair
Roy, Nicole nroy 412
  • HR Generalist
Rothman, Deborah drothman 136
  • US Registrar
Ross, Alex aros 169
  • US Social Worker
Rosenstein, Ken krosenstein
  • MS Mathematics Teacher
  • MS Science Teacher
Rosenberg, Mike mike 405
  • Director of Alumni and Community Relations
Rosen, Amy arosen 128
  • Director of Student Life for US
Robson, Philip probson 173
  • Mathematics Department Chair
  • MS/US Mathematics Teacher
Reisman, Rabbi Dovid dreisman
  • ES Limudei Kodesh Teacher (Gr. 5)
Ray, Clinton cray 422
  • Maintenance Supervisor
Radway, Dr. John jradway
  • US English Teacher
Pywell, Sharon spywell
  • US English Teacher
Pulda, Ellen epulda 423
  • Development and PR Officer
Portman, Zipora zportman
  • ES General Studies Teacher (Gr. 5)
Polter, Sara spolter 433
  • Development Associate
Peltz-Cohen, Rachelli rpeltz-cohen
  • ES building substitute
Ospovat, Tanya tospovat
  • ECC 3-year-old assistant
O'Brien, Erin eobrien 100
  • MS/US Executive Assistant
Novikov, Lev lnovikov
  • MS/US Computer Science
Nicolas, Fawzi fnicolas 258
  • MS/US Arabic Teacher
Newman, Jennifer jnewman
  • ES English Language Arts Coordinator
Naiden, Heather hnaiden 206
  • MS Social Worker
Moshe, Moria shlichot
  • Schlicha of Bnei Akiva
Mooney, Ruth rmooney
  • ES Instructional Assistant (Gr. 2)
Meyerowitz, Robin rmeyerowitz 307
  • Early Childhood Director
Mehl, Dr. Deborah dmehl 305
  • Director of After School Programs
Mattoon, Scott smattoon 118
  • General Studies Principal, Middle & Upper School
Malkin, Andrew amalkin
  • ES Music Teacher
Malka, Chemdat shlichot
  • Schlicha of Bnei Akiva
Lorraway, Maxene mlorraway 203
  • Learning Specialist
Levitan, Irit ilevitan
  • ECC 4-year-old teacher
Leschinsky, Deborah dleschinsky 426
  • Director of Technology
Lawrence, Chantal clawrence 409
  • Director of Admissions
Kipnes, Lori lkipnes
  • ES Limudei Kodesh Assistant (Gr. 3)
Katz, Nathan nkatz 401
  • Head of School
Jaffe, Rabbi Yaakov yjaffe
  • Director of Tanach
  • US Limudei Kodesh Teacher
Jaffe, Yael yaeljaffe 150
  • Grade 12 Co-Dean
  • US Limudei Kodesh Teacher
Huff, Rabbi Dov dhuff 121
  • MS/US Interim Limudei Kodesh Principal
Houben, Meira mhouben
  • ECC Teacher
Hillman, Katie khillman 318
  • ES Social Worker
Hellman, Rabbi David dhellman
  • MS Navi
Hefter, Brenda bhefter 106
  • Director of Support Services (Gr. 6-12)
  • Learning Center Director
Hartman, Mor-Li mhartman
  • MS/US Ivrit (Hebrew) Teacher
Hanau, Lynn lhanau
  • ES Librarian
Hamilton, Megan mhamilton
  • MS/US English Teacher
Haines, Brooke bhaines
  • ES General Studies Teacher (Gr. 2)
Hain, Benji bhain 119
  • Director of Student Life for Middle School
Goldman, Rabbi Baruch bgoldman
  • US Limudei Kodesh Teacher
Goldberg, Scott sgoldberg
  • ES Instructional Assistant (Gr. 1)
Glass, Leisa lglass
  • ECC Teacher
Gladstein, Betty bgladstein 419
  • Nurse, Saval Campus
Gilson, Julie jgilson
  • ECC extended day
Gibbens, Lora lgibbens 140
  • English Department Chair
  • US English Teacher
Gerber, Shifra sgerber 301
  • Admissions Associate
  • ES Instructional Assistant (Gr. 5)
  • Student Support, Mathematics
Gelb, Tamar tgelb 125
  • Director of College Counseling
Freeman, LaShanta lfreeman 300
  • ES Administrative Assistant
Frager, Kaylee kfrager
  • ES Limudei Kodesh Teacher (Gr. 4)
Fischer, David dfischer
  • US Science Teacher
Fidler, Jack jfidler 205
  • Grade 7 Dean
  • MS/US English Teacher
Fadlon, Refael rfadlon 104
  • Grade 12 Co-Dean
  • Israel Advocacy Teacher
  • MS/US Ivrit (Hebrew) Teacher
  • Rakaz Ivrit, Director of Hebrew Language (Grades 6-12)
Ehrenkranz, Rabbi David dehrenkranz 107
  • Grade 10 Dean
  • US Limudei Kodesh Teacher
Durani, Chaya cdurani 308
  • ES Ivrit (Hebrew) Teacher
  • Limudei Kodesh Support Services
  • US Ivrit (Hebrew) Teacher
Durani, Rabbi Avinoam adurani 134
  • Grade 11 Dean / Advisor
  • US Limudei Kodesh Teacher
Dore, Christopher cdore 117
  • History/Social Studies Department Chair
  • US History/Social Studies Teacher
DiOrio, Ariel adiorio
  • ES Art Teacher
  • ES Instructional Assistant (Gr. 4)
Dennison, Judy jdennison
  • ES Librarian
Dayanim, Rachel rdayanim
  • Learning Center Specialist
Davidoff, Elka Tovah etdavidoff 402
  • Executive Assistant to the Head of School
D'Agnelli, Ernest edagnelli 131
  • Physical Education Teacher
Cuadrado, Jr, George gcuadrado 421
  • Computer Systems Administrator
Cohn, Rabbi Reuven rcohn
  • US Jewish History Teacher
Cohen-Melul, Limor lcohenmelul
  • ES Ivrit (Hebrew) Teacher
  • Limudei Kodesh Support Services
Cohen, Brian bcohen 201
  • MS Associate Principal
Cerf, Barak bcerf
  • MS/US Ivrit (Hebrew) Teacher
Carrus, Danielle dcarrus
  • ES General Studies Teacher (Gr. 1)
Campbell-Malone, Regina rcampbell-malone
  • MS/US Mathematics Teacher
  • MS/US Science
Caban, Deborah dcaban 316
  • Physical Education Teacher
Brooks, Alison abrooks
  • ES Instructional Assistant (Gr. 5)
Brody, Raphaelle rbrody
  • Grade 2 Limudei Kodesh teacher
Bradford, Laura lbradford
  • ECC Teacher
Boroda, Aliza aboroda
  • MS/US Art Teacher
Borkow, Hal hborkow 112
  • Director of Athletics
  • MS History Teacher
Bomfim, Joan jbomfim
  • MS/US Science Teacher
Blum, Jerry jblum 413
  • Bookkeeper
Blechner, Irene iblechner
  • ES Limudei Kodesh Teacher (K)
Bessler, Michal mbessler
  • ES Limudei Kodesh Teacher (Gr. 3)
Bercuson, Rabbi Eliezer ebercuson
  • MS/US Limudei Kodesh Teacher
Benjamin, Tamar tbenjamin
  • ES General Studies Teacher (Gr. 3)
Beker, Emily ebeker
  • ES Instructional Assistant (Gr. 3)
Beker, Rabbi Yaakov ybeker
  • MS Limudei Kodesh Teacher
Barth, Esther ebarth 303
  • ECC Administrative Assistant
Bar-Or, Dana dbaror 207
  • MS/US Ivrit (Hebrew) Teacher
Alge, Mervin malge 427
  • Director of Operations