Maimonides Middle School Daglanut

Chesed חסד

Upper School students welcomes a couple who have come to a student-run kosher soup kitchen for a meal. . .Grade 7 students create colorful designs on t-shirts they will donate to Children’s Hospital. . . Elementary schoolers tell jokes and sing songs to residents in a nursing home

From Kindergarten through Grade 12, this caring attitude is ever present, a visible thread running through the fabric of Maimonides School. Students’ awareness of the importance of chesed profoundly shapes their priorities and regard for others. Through an extensive number of projects, students work together to translate a philosophy of compassion into deeds of caring. Our Upper School students responded to the devestating effects of 2012's Hurricane Sandy by volunteering to help with clean up efforts. Our students in grades 3-5 visited regularly with elderly residents of Hebrew Senior Life to share holiday programs. Our entire school banded together for to provide doctors and first responders with care packages after the Boston Marathon bombings.

In addition to class projects, individual students often organize for a particularly meaningful cause. Most chesed and tzedakah projects are, in fact, organized by students. Gittel’s Kitchen, Greater Boston’s only kosher soup kitchen, was the brainchild of a Maimonides senior in 1996. What she started, students today willingly carry on.

Whether the cause is local or global, students take action. Sometimes the results are public, like a celebrity’s visit to reward success in raising money for the American Cancer Society. Sometimes the results are quiet, like the smiles exchanged between students and patients their own age at Children’s Hospital. Maimonides students’ dedication to a world beyond the classroom reflects a comprehensive understanding of ahavat Yisrael (love of one’s fellow Jew) and k’vod habriot (respect for one’s fellow man). And as graduates demonstrate through the years, this compassionate concern endures.