Maimonides Middle School Daglanut

Judaic Studies לימודי קודש

Our Limudei Kodesh curriculum develops skills, knowledge and a love of learning that our students will take with them long after they have graduated from Maimonides.

At each level, Hebrew literacy -- the foundation for study and understanding of religious texts -- develops progressively through the grades. Through daily listening, speaking, writing and reading, students acquire the skills for more advanced studies in a Hebrew-speaking environment.

In our Elementary School our students begin learning parshah and Ivrit b'Ivrit in Kindergarten. As they progress through the school, their depth of study increases as well. Highlights include Chagigat HaSiddur in Gr. 1, Chagigat HaChumash in Gr. 2, beginning Rashi's commentaries in Gr. 3 and the 4th grade Purim Play. Our 5th graders are ready for a new level of study as they are able to work with new commentaries and Mishna.

When students move on to our Middle School, they explore the latter books of the Chumash so that by the 8th grade, they will have completed the overview of the entire Torah.  Each year, the curriculum focuses more attention on the themes of the books, the implication of legal passages, and the role of commentary in Torah text.  In Navi, students continue through the Narrative prophets and discuss their themes of Jewish leadership and self-governance. Middle Schoolers prepare themselves for the study of Talmud which begins in 7th grade.  "Ben Adam Lemakom" is the focus of the first year of Talmud study (prayer), while "Ben Adam Lechaveiro" (laws of renting and borrowing) is the focus of the second year.  Each year, students meet in small, gender specific groups for tzelem classes that provide a Jewish perspective on growth, development, and coming of age.

In our Upper School, Judaic Studies teachers focus on injecting lessons that students can take and apply to their lives as observant, committed Jews who live in the modern world. Four Years of Talmud study prepare our students to enter the highest level in Seminaries and Yeshivot in Israel and beyond upon graduation from Maimonides. Our Tanach program also prepares our students to study any part of Tanach afterwards – in college, Yeshiva, or on their own on a Shabbat afternoon. In addition, our Limudei Kodesh Upper School courses include Beurei Tfillah, Jewish History, Jewish Philosophy, and Navi.