Chevrat HaLapid, class of 1959, 1980's, 2012

Life After Maimonides: Our Alumni החיים אחרי ישיבת רמב''ם: הבוגרים שלנו

If a measure of a school is its graduates, Maimonides School has clearly earned its considerable reputation. Some 1,700 students have earned diplomas since the first high school class of 1953. Nearly all have gone on to further education, many at some of the nation’s top universities and colleges. Scores leave Maimonides with impressive academic honors, including Presidential Scholar awards and National Merit Scholarships. A few graduates have gone on to become Rhodes Scholars, and one received a Marshall Fellowship.

Academic honors and prestigious universities, however, tell only a fraction of the story. Maimonides graduates have a deep connection to Jewish tradition and a desire to strengthen it. To that end, each year approximately 80% of Maimonides graduates defer college matriculation to devote a year or more to Torah study in Israel. Many are active in synagogue and community life, philanthropic endeavors, day school education, adult Torah education, and chesed organizations. They sit on boards of directors and then roll up their sleeves, turning words into deeds. Some 150 have made aliyah. Wherever they are, they become pillars of their communities.

Maimonides graduates have a rich legacy of distinguishing themselves and honoring their alma mater through a diversity of professional and personal achievements. They excel as educators and writers, communal workers and diplomats, artists and scientists. More importantly, they fulfill the vision of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, described by one teacher as "role models of a new type of Orthodox Jew, modern as tomorrow, educated in the best universities and yet firmly rooted in the eternal truth of the Divine Torah."

Whatever their endeavors, in public or private life, building strong families or effective organizations, Maimonides School graduates are committed to action. They are indeed the next link in an unbroken chain of Jewish tradition, building on a firm foundation with a clear sense of the future.