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Maimo Moments רגעים ברמבם

Welcome to Maimo Moments -- this is a place to share those instances when you find yourself  kvelling over something that made you think “That’s why I send my kids to Maimo!" or "That's why I'm glad I'm part of this community." 

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I was recently at a Shabbat meal far, far from Boston with a variety of guests. At one point a question came up on halacha or Torah (sorry, I don't remember what it was), and the other Bostonian at the table and I immediately, and in unison, gave the answer. Our host was shocked that we knew this esoteric bit of information and exclaimed "how did you two know that?" We looked at each other, smiled, and then, again in unison, said "Maimo."
--Sarah, alumna

My son, who is in Kindergarten said, "Mom, I wish I could do a mitzva every second of every day.  And we must work on my Hebrew so that I will be able to read from the Torah and learn it really well when I get older."
--Tova, parent

I asked my family at Shabbat dinner a Torah question, whose answer I thought I know.  When my fifth-grader answered with an answer I thought was wrong, he proceeded to pull out the Mikraot G'dolot and find the text that proved his point.  I could not have been prouder!
-- Ari, parent

Whenever we have birthday parties at our home for our kids, I am impressed not just by how the kids behave with each other, but, more impressively, how wonderfully they treat our youngest son (now 3 years old), trying to include him in their fun.
-- Ari, parent

Our son in 3rd grade can now understand when his parents are talking about him in Hebrew!  Time to learn a new language!
--Raphi, parent

My son, a freshman in college, was walking back to his dorm last night, saw another student sitting on the ground and sensed that something was wrong.  In the true Maimo sense of Chesed and caring, he stopped to find out if he was ok.  He had fallen, and couldn’t walk.  My son called the college EMT’s who came and said he needed to go to the hospital.  My son spent the night with him in the ER and the two came back together in the middle of the night.  That to me is a Maimo moment.
-- Robin, parent

Last Shabbos a group of 4th grade boys were walking home from shul and one second I am listening to them talk about what sports they will play when they get to the house and who will be on which team and the next second they are talking about Parshat Bereishit and what they each learned/remembered about it.
-- Shari, parent

Wednesday night I went out to take the trash down to the curb, and asked my girls to come help. Devorah got up and said she would take one trash can down.  We all went out and after Devorah had taken one down, she went back and brought down another, and then another (we had a lot of trash that week).  When we were done Devorah said - "I was being like Avraham - "Emor MeAt V'Asai Harbeh" I said I would take one trash can down, but I did more than that".
-- Joyce, parent

After setting up for a faculty meeting, I was trying to manuever two catering carts down the hallway en route to the auditorium (so I wouldn't have to make a second trip).  A passing student stopped, came back, and asked if I needed help.  He then took a cart down to the kitchen for me before running back on his way.  It's nice that a busy student could still find time to help someone he didn't know at the end of a long school day.
-- Elka, staff

My son is taking a law trial and advocacy class (in college).  He says that his Talmud classes truly helped him for this class.  He also said that his Talmud classes at Maimo were harder than this class. I guess that double Talmud paid off!
-- Robin, parent

I recently got an email from a student that made my day. This young man, now in college, told me that he was recently at a Hillel Shabbos dinner when the topic of supporting J Street came up. He said one student was "really going after Israel." He told me how he argued that a pro-Israel group should not be criticizing Israel publicly. He also explained that he used the techniques that I taught in class how to advocate successfully for Israel. He concluded by telling me how afterward other students came up to him and told him he had done a good job advocating for Israel.  He added that a Hillel board member said that Hillel would not be supporting J Street. He thanked me for teaching him how to stand up and be a leader for Israel. It's emails like that make me proud to be a teacher at Maimonides.

My kids and I were wishing Dad good luck on a big thing at work today, and I said, "Let's say it really loud so Hashem can hear," and my 6 year old corrected me:  "Mom, we don't need to yell, Hashem is right here all around us!"  I am so glad he is growing up knowing that!
--Tovia, parent