Maimonides Middle School Daglanut

Student Life מהווי התלמידים

A typical day in the life of a Maimonides student is anything but typical. The following profiles provide insight, but in no way capture the full array of the lives of our students as they grow and mature through the Maimonides experience. We've replaced names and interchanged photos of the students profiled to protect their privacy. We hope you will contact our Admissions Office to schedule a tour of the school and find out what we’re all about!

Tali Liora, Kindergarten
"I love my teachers…we have lots of fun reading, learning the mitzvot, and playing with friends. I’m learning why it’s special to be Jewish."
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Noah Adam, Grade 5
"We don't just study math and science, we mix in technology. We don't just study Torah, we learn middot and what it means to be a mensch."
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Rachel Ariella, Grade 8
"This school opens up so many worlds. I get to study Talmud, explore history, learn Spanish and algebra…and still enjoy drama, chesed and my friends!”
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Eli Gabriel, Grade 11
"Maimonides is the right choice for me, and it is preparing me to make the right choices in life—including a great college and yeshiva in Israel."
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