graduation at Maimonides School

Placement Levels מסלול לנקודות זכות אקדמאיות

Each grade has three placement groups: Core, Accelerated, and Honors. A typical Core class provides close guidance, organizational support, and skill-appropriate challenges to prepare students for application and entry into four-year colleges. Accelerated and Honors classes tend to place additional demands on students, expecting them to demonstrate greater independence, cope with heavier workloads, and work with increasing degrees of abstraction.

Placement decisions are made every spring, but sometimes changes are made mid-year to better meet a student’s academic needs. In mathematics and Hebrew, due to subject-specific demands, it is more difficult to move a student after 8th grade. For more details on academic placement groups, in each curricular area, please see below.

Placement Groups Criteria: Math, Science, English, History