Maimonides Elementary School

Student Health Services שירותי בריאות לתלמיד

Contact the Nurses

Parents are encouraged to contact the school nurses at any time with updated student health information or concerns:

Reminder: Peanut-Free Zone

A reminder to families sending snacks to school with their children: Maimonides Early Childhood Center and Elementary School are nut-free. This includes peanuts and tree nuts. Please check labels and do not bring in foods with evident nut content (any food that has peanuts or tree nuts in its list of ingredients) OR foods manufactured on equipment that may have been shared with peanuts or tree nuts. Parents with questions should check with their child's individual teachers, as there are students in our classrooms that have all different types of allergies. We appreciate your help in making our school environment a safer place for all our students.

New Health Communications System

Read the letter from the Health Office for detailed information about the new systems that were put into place as of Summer 2016
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Health Forms—To Be Completed for All Students

Health Information can be submitted through our SNAP Parent Portal (copies of the forms are also available below).  It is very important for student health information to be completed, including physician information, for us to appropriately care for your child in an emergency. If your child requires medication for ongoing conditions, such as asthma, diabetes or severe allergies requiring an EpiPen, please provide us with the doctor’s orders through SNAP. 

Physician's Health Form (to be completed by physician)

All newly enrolled students, as well as students entering 4th, 7th, and 10th grades, must have updated physical exams and immunizations.  Parents must enter this data in SNAP and either upload or mail the documentation.

Complete physical exams are required annually for any student participating in a school sport and must be dated within 13 months of the beginning of that sports season. Any student who attempts to participate in a school sport without submitting a current physical exam will be penalized one game for every game played without a physical exam on file (according to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) handbook).

Emergency Contact Information can be submitted via My BackPack in the Student Information Form.  This replaces the Student Health Information Forms and Emergency Cards that were used in previous years.
Health Forms—To Be Submitted As Needed
Medication Order/Parental Consent Form (to be completed by licensed prescriber and by parent)
Action Cards: Asthma | Asthma & Allergy
Please complete asthma and/or allergy care plans annually if your child has asthma or severe allergies.
Information from the Health Office

SNAP Health Office Parent Portal:  SNAP is the school’s medical documentation and tracking program. SNAP’s Parent Portal offers you the opportunity to connect directly to our health office online.  With this confidential vehicle for parent communication you are able to access information about your child’s health, receive health bulletins, and easily upload consent forms for medication.