graduation at Maimonides School

AP Program מסלול לנקודות זכות אקדמאיות

Advanced Placement is a program of college-level courses and examinations sponsored by the College Board for secondary school students. Over 90% of the nation’s colleges that most AP candidates attend give credit and/or Advanced Placement to students whose AP examination grades are considered acceptable.

Maimonides offers students the opportunity to earn advanced placement and credit through the AP program in a number of subjects. Advanced Placement means that students, once in college, can avoid repeating work they have already done and can immediately take advanced courses in the AP subject or explore other subjects of interest. If a student earns the required grade on an AP exam, he or she may receive the equivalent of a one semester or two semester course credit per examination.

The following AP courses are offered if student demand and qualification meet minimum standards. Where courses are not offered students may set up non-credit independent studies to prepare for the examinations.

English History/Social Studies
English Literature European History
United States History
Mathematics Science
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
C++ Programming
Foreign Language  
Spanish Language
Spanish Literature

Course offerings are dependent upon student demand and available faculty.